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Apr. 12th, 2008 @ 05:11 pm My intro
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I suppose I better post in intro, and I hope all members do the same. 

My name is Amy, and I created this group.  I created this group because Jillian Michaels has helped change my life.  I can't say she changed my life, because as she says, I need to take that credit myself.  She gave me the knowledge and inspired me to change.

I listen to her radio shows, watch The Biggest Loser, and The Biggest Loser Australia.  I also have every one of her workout DVD's (including the Cosmo Girl's one for teens.).  I have both her books as well.

I have about 30lbs to go for my ultimate goal, and until recently, I didn't think it was at all possible.

I just wanted to say hello and thanks to everyone who joins!
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